Stairway to Heaven
[ rant ]


No more silly, stupid, unneccesary "Today I ate, drank and slept! And my body made weird things I'll tell you everything about. And I'll need a whole friggin' page for telling you that!"-posts! Yay me! *does the MAJOR happy dance*  [ /rant ]

I don't give a damn about some persons defriending me and/or hating me who didn't have that much of a life as a potatoe! Let alone the GUTS to be honest. I know who my TRUE friends are. You know that, too? TRUE friends are persons that care about you, that lift you up when you are down and help you not losing the ground beneath your feet. But well, now to the true story. You're trying to tell the world that you're innocent? That *I* am the bitch? Well, listen, sweetie. I know what you did last summer (sorry, wrong movie)...err, I know what you told some persons about me. Just one example:

I don't have chancer. Stop spreading these lies only because you never ever made it on my special-friends filter. Telling a person I love and care deeply about that I might have cancer because I made a secret entry concerning her christmas gift is low. Very, very, very low. Shame on you! And don't you DARE calling or contacting her just to make her life hell! It already IS. For heavens sake, she's too weak, too sweet to tell you to stop! Don't you realize that you're hurting her with your dirty mouth? With your lies? And with your ranting about persons she LOVES?! I do not understand why you guys made yourself feeling better while hurting someone else's feelings! Are you human after all?! Take this as a final warning: Leave her alone. Or I'll seek you, I'll find you, and I will make you SO sorry if you happen to hurt her just once more! I'm not the person who watches my closest friends getting hurt by some heartless persons that  is moody, selfish and jealous on everyone!  

You know that I could go on and on but I'll better stop here. Just STOP hurting her. Hate me if you want to, I couldn't care less. A bike falling over in China is a lot more interesting, believe me. Just stop finally! She doesn't deserve that kind of drama. It's something between you and me. You don't like me? Well, just cut me! I'm a grown up person and I know how to behave. I know how to treat the persons I love. Oh, sorry...are you able to love after all? I doubt that. Someone with that much anger, bitterness and selfishness inside isn't able to love anybody - except themselves. Well, there you go - go on loving yourself! And see how happy you'll be!

Just a little hint: start learning to grant others their happiness. Makes life a lot easier. 

This said I'm off. Amused and off, of course. 

Oh well...

To everyone else on my flist: Love you guys! *snogs*

PS: I got a date! *squee* Which means I got a LOVE LIFE! *double squee*
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Am I dead now, mommy?

Oh lord, I don’t know how I made it - but I did. I finished these _lotr100 - thingie and I even did it in time!
Beside having to write two essays, working on a bunch of short lectures and having a sick mother at home (note my little whining to have an excuse for the bad quality^^) I managed to do 100 icons of Legolas Greenleaf!
Yay me!

...I fear I’ll never see Legolas the same way... „Uh, love that“ I am cursed!

Anyways, without further babbling...let’s move on to the 100 Legolas icons for _lotr100! *drumroll*

Subject: Legolas (you know, this blonde guy most teenage girls went to see LotR for :P )
Themes: (in order) The Shadows of the Past, Use Well the Days, The Return of the King, The Grey Havens, A Journey in the Dark, Lothlorien, The Breaking of the Fellowship, Hope Fails, The White Rider, Ash and Smoke, Farewell to Lorien, Minas Tirith, The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, Evenstar, The Edge of Night, The Great River, The Council of Elrond, The End of All Things, A Knife in the Dark, Many Meetings, Hope and Memory, Twilight and Shadow, Breath of Life, Foundations of Stone, The Riders of Rohan, Into the West, May It Be, Helm’s Deep, The Hornburg, A Storm is Coming,

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Phew! Is it christmas yet? *runs in circles* My last icon-post must've been MONTHS ago! *whines* Anyways, here we go and I guess I do have more than 40 icons with me - very multifandom, to be honest. Yay!
I'm Santa Clause and I bring you...
Orlando (featuring PotC, E-Town, KoH...)
LotR/Viggo Mortensen
Mada-who? (known as Madagascar but I looooove this quote! *lol*)
Gilmore Girls (Luke and Lorelai! Luke and Lorelai! Yay!)
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Oh so true...
Meme I stole from leeloo3....Mwah!

Seductress Unreservedly Needing Naughty Yeses

*lol* Yeah...right...

And on the other news:

- Eep! My voice is gone!!!! Eep!
- I'm finally reading The Lord of the Rings - didn't sleep last night because of it...*shakes fist at books*
- It's SNOWING! Yay!
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I'm fine...
Need to see Elizabethtown again. Going to invite my friend for next friday when she passed her exams. Mwah. Oh, my bad....
On the other news: university is stressing but fun, my former boss sucks BIG TIME (Forgery of documents IS illegal, right?) and I'm working like mad on my short lecture in three weeks. What? Me? Nervous? Naah...
AND *drumrolls* I do have some icons! Whoohoo! It's been a long time, right?
Me has...
Viggo (having _sweetangel in mind and hoping and praying that she is okay)
Sean Bean
Pirates of the Caribbean
Elizabethtown (surprise!)
Orlando (another surprise! *stares in awe*)
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It's weird, eh? Like looking in a mirrow...
Oh. My. God.
First off: It has been a long, loooong time since I've last cried in the cinema. I do cry while watching movies - but I prefer doing this at home and alone. A cinema filled with 300 peop...err, women (Nah, there were some men, too. Poor guys! *lol*) isn't exactly the way I would I interpret as "alone". Oh well...*shurgs* I guess it was friggin' worth it!!
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On a personal side...
Okay, first thing: I switched the commenting-thing off for this entry so do not read if you expect to comment on something. This is a very personal Read-Only-Entry in which I'm trying to get some things staight that totally went wrong the last 3 weeks. It also adresses a friend of mine who doesn't have an LJ-Account so this one here isn't locked - though it's very personal. Because of this I don't want any comments. First, I don't want my LJ-friends to take any stand in this matter and second I don't want any stranger who might happen to stumble over this entry to comment. It's hard enough for me to write this down. Thank you for your understanding. *hugs*
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Come on babe, let's paint the town...
A little self update:
  • mood: tired, exhausted, nervous, cranky, sad (me and my multi-functional self)
  • heart: broken
  • good: *cuddles and hugs former-boyfriend-but-still-beloved-person-and-teddybear for being back home....almost* The Netherlands are closer than Yugoslavia, at least...*shrugs and clings to hope*
  • bad: everything else
A little icon update, mostly Orlando, some Arwens, some Beanies, some Viggos for my dearest _sweetangel! I'm still praying and I will be praying all day tomorrow. *gentle hugs*</span> And I promise to do more Viggos! I just need...practice. *wiggles eyebrows and grabs Viggo to run practicing*
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I'm annoying, I know...
...but I had to post that meme! Yay me! *lol* Stolen from <lj user=takayajd />....mwah!Collapse )
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Squee! I received _sweetangel  's postcard today! *huggles you to death* Thank you SO much! Montréal seems to be a beautiful city and I love the sunrise! Definitely worth a visit one day...;) *snuggles* I'm still working on the little package I wanted to send you and I so will send it within the next week! *snogs* Thank you again, honeypie! I love you! &hearts;


And as promised I did some Viggo icons. Sad enough there are only two out of 28 I gathered the last two weeks (*shakes fist at stressing university* *lol*) Anyway I hope you like them a little bit...I'm new at Viggo... ;)


Click me for Viggo, Elijah, Billeh/Pippin, Arwen, Sean Bean, Orlando and Co.!Collapse )


Aaaaand I still have two wallpapers of my stillness potc_wpstills - which needs a LOT more entries, btw....*wink wink nudge nudge* ;D


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