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Stairway to Heaven

4 September
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Diana. Called Anni, Sunny and - most of the time - "Oh my God, DON'T BREAK THAT!". Aged 21, feeling like 5. Black eyed, dark haired. Student of History and German philology.Possesing a heart full of love for the future of the human race and because of that about to become a teacher. Sensitive, empathic and romantic. Stubborn, sarcastic and perty on the other hand. Also chaotic and haunted by bad luck with a tendency of being clumbsy. Yet a loyal friend and loving my life.

Orlando Bloom (surprise!). Lord of the Rings. Lost. Scrubs. Icon making. Photoshop. Roleplays. Movies. Music. Reading. Laughing. My family. My friends.

Proud member of orli_stillnessorlandohushelvenstillnessevastillnesspotc_challenge. Plus arwen_stills, bean_stillness and my very own potc_wpstills where I help out/moderate.

Humble winner of one or the other challenge myself:



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